DOT Hazmat Carrier Requirements – Air/IATA

DOT Hazmat Carrier Requirements – Air/IATA

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All US and foreign air carriers who operate flights to or from the United States must comply with 49 CFR requirements which governs the acceptance, storing, loading, and transporting of hazardous materials by air and are compliant with 49 CFR 175.20 and Part 172, Subpart H of the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR).

Students should be able to do the following after taking this training:

Identify the DOT requirements for air transportation of hazardous materials as set forth in Subparts A, B, and C of HMR Part 175;

  • Compare the guidelines found in Part 175 with the International Civil Aviation Organizations Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air;
  • Know the responsibilities of the shipper and the air carrier;
  • Guidelines for passengers, pilots, and facilities;
  • Identify the exceptions to the Carrying of Hazmat in Cabins or on Flight Decks regulation;
  • Define the cargo aircraft, passenger aircraft, forbidden, and magnetic field;
  • Evaluate the packaging requirements for air transportation;
  • Identify quantity exceptions, limitations, as well as, loading, unloading, and storing guidelines for transporting by air; and
  • Learn guidelines related to completing a discrepancy report and reporting guidelines.